Prep Materials for PEO's Professional Practice Examination (PPE)


"I purchased the PPE distance study package from Vantage PD because my initial communication with Paula Puddy suggested that the course would make studying for the PPE time efficient and straightforward.  I purchased this course, and these high expectations were met.  The video lectures are thorough and exceptionally clear.  The study booklet is a user-friendly complement to the videos.  Paula was available for distance consultations.  Paula followed up with me by email as my exam date approached to inquire about my study progress, and she spoke with me over the phone for an hour to answer some questions that came up while I was studying.  When I wrote the exam, there were no surprises.  The Vantage PD study package had equipped me to succeed on it, all while saving me precious time in the process". Ronnie H.

"Hi Paula, I attended your PPE prep course last year, and I wanted to tell you that I found it immensely helpful in writing the PPE. The instruction and materials were clear, concise, and the practice / sample questions were instrumental in being able to easily answer all of the questions on the PPE. Thanks!" 

"One of the best courses I ever had. Fun workshop, very well organized, magnificent instructors, and right to the point!! Thank you!"

"Will refer EITs in our company to attend this course as a prerequisite to writing the PPE. Brings materials together very well, and helps to reduce anxiety of writing exams."

"This course sufficiently prepares for writing the PPE exam, along with appreciation of Engineering Law and Ethics in the real world situations."

"Excellent initiative. This saved me a lot of time. Thank you!"

"I was hoping to thank you in person today, but looks like I missed you. I took the course this summer and I think you were absolutely fantastic. You presented the material in such a memorable way that all I had to do was a quick review the morning of the exam, and it all came back to me. No surprise that I found the exam easy, and passed without breaking a sweat.  I wish I had professors like you in university. Thank you for being awesome."


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