If you are feeling comfortable with your PPE studying, purchase this book of 5 past PPE exams and sample answers to brush up on your studying.  This book of past exam questions and sample answers is intended for those who are comfortable with the law and ethics material.  


You will also have unlimited access to our law and ethics videos for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Book of 5 Past PEO PPE's & Sample Answers & On-line Law & Ethics Training Videos

  • Test your knowledge and build your confidence by answering questions from these 5 past PEO professional practice examinations.  Check your answers with our sample answers. 


    This product is best for those who have already taken a law and ethics course and need a bit more direction in terms of passing the PPE.


    Access our on-line Law and Ethics videos as an easy and accesible way to refresh your knowledge of these topics.


    If you want more detailed information on how to answer essay questions, structure your exam answers, or other helpful tips, we suggest you purchase the Distance Learning option or attend our PPE Prep Cram workshop.

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