Tips on writing the PPE - Part A Ethics

Here are some observations and tips on Ethics / Professional Practice from our newest instructor Bob Thompson BS (Ind. Eng.) LLB MBA:

1. Remember the 3 main functions of the PEO: (1) Protect the Public; (2) License Professionals; and (3), Enforce the Act and Discipline Members

2. What is the difference between licensing and membership? One is a title and the other is a status (some license holders are not members of the association, PEO.

3. Read the exam questions carefully. They tell you what they want. And sometimes they tell you what they don’t want.

4. Create a way to remember the structure of the Code of Ethics (s 77) and the Rules of Professional Misconduct (s. 72)

5. Practice answering lots of past exam questions.

Good luck studying!

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