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With limited time to study for PEO's National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE), we help you pass the NPPE! 

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  • An excellent success rate!

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  • 15+ years experience delivering PPE Prep workshops (formerly with OSPE)

  • Great instructors: Dave House, Paula Puddy & Bob Thompson 

  • We are interesting, not boring!

  • Materials created by a lawyer and P.Eng

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  • Glossary of legal terms

  • Sample short answer ethics questions and answers

  • Chart outlining common ethics questions referencing the Code of Ethics and Definition of Professional Misconduct

  • Thousands of successful EIT's and engineering candidates!

In this increasingly competitive environment, it is essential that lawyers learn and apply business skills to their practice.


A more business minded approach to the practice of law will lead to a more successful, rewarding and happier career.

These business skills include:

  • The business of law (marketing, finances, operations and human resources)

  • The current legal environment 

  • Strategy

  • Client & business development

Since time is money in law, it is also important to hone one's productivity skills including:

  • Time management

  • Delegation

  • Self-motivation

  • Docketing

  • Networking

Briefcase for Lawyers

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