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Business Development Planning

In this workshop, associates lawyers are introduced to basic marketing principles followed by an interactive component, focussed on completing a business development template.


Business Development Consulting

Sometimes, associate lawyers need a bit of extra help, direction or personal attention. Contact me for specifics about my coaching or consulting services.


Business Development:
The Fundamentals

This workshop combines information about the firm, its marketing and branding strategy, and a business development  planning component.

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Becoming a Rainmaker

During this workshop, learn about different client development, and business development strategies from a variety of sources.


Business Development

Business Development, whether it is servicing existing clients, or developing a  brand new book of business, is essential for virtually all lawyers.


Gone are the days of being handed a law practice with sustainable files and clients. There is too much competition, information is prevalent and clients are more knowledgeable than ever.

Ongoing business development planning (goal setting) and implementation are necessary day-to-day activities.

Please contact me for pricing, course outlines and availability.

Most of these workshops have been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for professionalism hours.

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