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The Hungry Associate

Would you like your associate lawyers to be more engaged when attending continuing education programs?  Do you want these workshops to reflect your firm’s environment and your associates’ experiences?


The Hungry Associate workshops deliver relevant and applicable business knowledge and skills to create happier, more engaged and more successful associate lawyers - your firm's future leaders.

The Hungry Associate workshops recognize that both your associate lawyers and your firm are unique.  As a result, this customized workshop reflects your firm’s culture, environment, resources and structure. 

Please contact me for pricing, course outlines and availability.

Please note that virtually all of these workshops have been accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for professionalism hours.


Maximize your Productivity:
Effective Docketing & Time Management Strategies 

Thorough docketing requires self-discipline and practice. However, most lawyers docket poorly as they are too busy. This workshop covers time management strategies (long-term and short-term) and reminds attendees of docketing best practices to maximize productivity every day. 


The Business of Law

Many associate lawyers act like employees rather than entrepreneurs or future owners of the firm.

A better understanding of the business of law including financial models, types of partnerships and key success factors for a law firm, is essential for them to be motivated to grow or create their own practice.


Time Management Skills for
Busy Professionals

Every lawyer needs more time.  During this workshop, attendees will learn a long-term strategy and numerous short-term tips to improve their existing time management skills. These changes can be immediately implemented for a more efficient and effective.


Mini MBA:
Business Basics & Strategy 101

This workshop covers the basic business  foundational topics of marketing, human resources, operations, finance and strategy.  Lawyers will deliver better services with more knowledge of how and what a business makes decisions and succeeds or fails.

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